Kick-off Meeting


Persons present:

Marc Moret (MM, Loiretech), Romain Bocquet (RB, Loiretech), John Jostins (JJ, Microcab), Aloys Foecker (AF, Neosid), Fatih Erguney (FE, Sampas Nano), Tina Erdmenger (TE, JCI), Lucy Parker (LP, TWI), Museok Kwak (MK, TWI)

Apologies received from Lambert Feher (LF, JCI).


Kick-off meeting for the Mu-Tool project has been held in Loiretech headquarters in Nantes, France from December 13th to 14th. All project partners from TWIJCISampasNeosidMicrocab, and Loiretech have been represented during two day long meetings.


Meeting Objectives

The main objective of the meeting was to highlight the main tasks and its respective deliverables for the next six months.



The meeting started with brief introductions by all partners, together with the individual partner’s interests and responsibilities in the Mu-Tool project. MK also gave an overall presentation of the Mu-Tool concept, together with the work that has been carried out at TWI. LP presented the contractual and financial matters, where the following was explained;

  • Budget and Grant
  • Pre-finance payments and invoicing procedure
  • Activities
  • The ‘Transaction’
  • Recording time and costs
  • Reporting requirements
  • Audits
  • Consortium Agreement

On the first day, the attention was centred on dissemination and its methods. MM explained that Loiretech was part of a large composites cluster, the EMC2, and that we could, as a group/consortium, request our project concept to be given the EMC2 label, thereby making it more visible to potential users and customers of this technology. MM also mentioned that ideally, he would like to present the Mu-Tool concept to large enterprises and (existing) customers such as Airbus, within the next 12 months.



Project Summary (TWI)

Interests and Partner Roles (TWI)

Next 6 months (TWI)

Description of work packages (TWI)

Neosid company presentation

Sampas company presentation