Loiretech attended JEC Europe 2013



Romain Bocquet and Marc Moret from Loire Modelage SAS attended JEC exhibition, held from 12 to 14 March 2013 in Paris, France. The Show is a genuine platform for the global composite industry, with a strong end-user oriented position: two out of three visitors were users of composite solutions (buyers from the end-user sectors, such as engineering or R&D departments, designers, manufacturers, etc.) in the main application sectors.

They exhibited;

• The proof of manufacturing feasibility of selected material for the Mu-Tool application by showing two demonstrators realized with different way of processing:

- Manufacturing by block machining,

- Manufacturing by slip casting process.

• The heating potential of microwave to cure thermoset composite material on ceramic core with ferrite coating at the top surface by showing a thermoset realized on it.