Consortium of the FP7-SME 2012 Project Mu-Tool

The SMEs have identified an opportunity to reduce their cost base. However, in order to exploit the opportunity, it will require a coordinated research & development program. For this reason two capable European research organizations have been approached with skills in the field of microwave curing, tooling development, microwave modeling and life cycle analysis. These are:

TWI (UK),a leading research organization in the field of materials, processing and joining technologies and will out work in the area of microwave processing and in the development of low cost, microwave absorbable tool processing.

JCI is a global diversified technology and industrial leader serving customers in more than 150 countries. In support of the RTDs skills the following SMEs have been assembled who are either end users or key supply chain partners who will benefit from the Mu-Tool project results. They include:

Loiretech (France): As well as coordinating the project, Loiretech designs and manufactures tooling for large and complex composite parts, including pre-forming, molding and trimming tools. The company focuses on the following target markets: aerospace, automotive, rail, and defense industries.

Neosid (Germany): Responsible for supplying microwave absorbent ferrite and providing technical assistance regarding the materials.

Sampas Nano (Turkey): Responsible for supplying the ceramics for the tool making and providing technical assistance regarding the materials.

Microcab (UK): Producer of hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles for road use; end user of composite materials in vehicle structures for weight and efficiency benefits. Role will be to set specifications and requirements and finally evaluate the technology.